Quiet Renewal at the Heart of AN!

During the past week, there’s been a noticeable change of energy here. Of course, this was greatly aided by the arrival of Sebastian from Germany and Keenuane from Mexico on October 17th. Together, we’ve all been resting, cleaning and recalibrating. Just being together is deeply healing for all of us. Already a creative surge is beginning to roll in and suddenly, we’re getting lots of enquiries from people who want to visit.

We’ve been mainly keeping quiet, while gently catching up on the many tasks that were neglected for the past few months. Meanwhile, Pedro has been busy planting grass for the future Alpacas of AN around the Tower of Light. And just like the grass is steadily and silently growing, we feel that new life is steadily and silently growing within us.

We are still waiting for German and his crew to return and finish the work around the Tower of AN. Don’t know if it will begin next week or not. That’s one of the problems of letting workers go; they don’t always come back when you want them to. But we know that everything will happen in its perfect timing.

My ankle is still recovering and not yet into full usability. Emanaku and I are also still in recovery mode. We feel the energies of the Tower of AN quietly building up, but know that it’s not quite time to do something there. Yet each day feels better and we can actually feel the presence of Green Lights in the not too distant future.

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