Seared in the Fires of Transformation at the Heart of AN!

The past week was rather intense here. On Saturday another fire broke out two villages away from us. These fires happen when locals burn their fields and garbage and leave them unattended during the strong afternoon winds of this time of year. Since we are at the end of our six month dry season, the fires spread quickly.

By Sunday, the fire crested the mountain right next to the Heart of AN. Neighbors tried to call the volunteer firefighters in the nearby town of Calca, but they wouldn’t even answer their phone. In the afternoon, Emanaku and I sat as Silent Watchers at the Tower of AN and watched the fire descend our mountain.

On Monday morning, the fire looked much better until the afternoon winds started. Then the fire reignited and spread across our mountain. We felt that the Heart of AN would be safe if we stayed here to hold the Beam, but I packed some suitcases, just in case. In the late afternoon, we had a guest from New Zealand arrive to spend the night at AN•Wasi. We met David at the front gate and gave him the option of leaving or staying. Fortunately, he chose to stay. It felt very good to have him here with us, especially since I am still recovering from my sprained ankle.

This was our most challenging night. The fire rushed down the mountain towards our valley. The three of us kept going to the Tower of AN to watch the fire come closer and closer. The energies were strong and the air was totally electrifying! Late at night we went upstairs to the AN Room in our house and did a very powerful Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN, followed by a Pa’a. After that, it felt that we would be all right.

At the base of the mountain are stands of trees which we really didn’t want to catch on fire. Fortunately, by Tuesday morning the fire had arrived at the trees and gone out. None of the trees were burned! It was quite miraculous. When the afternoon winds returned, so did the fire. This time, eight firefighters and a few locals went to fight the fires, but none of them had any equipment, and most didn’t have any training. We and our neighbors lent them shovels, picks and buckets. It had become obvious that we weren’t going to get much outside help and it was up to the residents here.

On Thursday, Emanaku joined with others to put out the remaining hotspots. Finally, on Saturday came an hour of heavy rain, followed by steady rain on Sunday.

Since then, we have both been deeply exhausted. We have been thoroughly scoured by the Fires of Transformation, feeling as if they have passed directly through the core of our beings. Our priorities have been instantly reshuffled. Much of what was important before, doesn’t matter anymore. We have immeasurably deepened.

During the past week, so many of you joined with us to put a circle of love and protection around our valley and the Heart of AN. We could feel you ever with us and your presence was a great source of strength to us. We thank you from our Heart of Hearts! Our One True Being is beyond magnificent!

Now I can finally turn my attention to writing the October Surf Report. Next week, we will resume work on the Tower of AN and Sebastian and Keenuane will be arriving. We can feel massive changes on the near horizon.

With True, True Love from the Heart of AN.


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