Recalibration and Renewal at the Heart of AN!

For the past week, much of our focus has been on the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN. I feel that by the time it is complete, my ankle will be totally healed. That’s how connected we are.

We’ve now completed the Eleven Circles of the Tower and today will make the three small bridges that go over the canal that encircles the Tower of AN. At the same time, Pedro has been preparing the ground outside the Tower so rye grass and red clover can be planted for our future Alpacas of AN. Pedro will also be planting grass on the new raised level of the five inner circles. Next, we must get our grass cutter repaired as soon as possible.

There is a new small path around the outside of the Tower. All it needs is the addition of some diamonds in key points which we hope to do today. Although, the entire area is still very much in transition, we can already feel a great difference in the energy there. Each day, it continues to become more beautiful.

We are almost out of money to do this, but are continuing on with a lot of trust since it feels so right. Right now, it looks like we may have to stop work at the end of this week, unless we receive more money to continue on. And to those who have already sent us donations, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

On the night of September 20, there was a wildfire in the mountains which began in a village near here when a man left his burning garbage unattended in a strong wind. The fire traveled quickly to the mountains above the village next to us and just as we were getting ready for bed after a long, exhausting day, it crested the mountain immediately above the Heart of AN. This made for an extremely unsettled night as Emanaku checked the progress of the fire all night long. Fortunately, there were some people on top of our mountain who helped put it out around 3:00 in the morning. This was a strong reminder of the fragility of all our situations wherever we are and that we must always be ready for the Unexpected.

My ankle is steadily getting better, but I’m being careful not to use it too much so it heals thoroughly. I really look forward to walking normally again!

This past month has been undeniably challenging and intense with so many shocking events that are beyond our control. It is deeply touching to see how the people in the affected areas, especially Mexico, have leapt in to serve others as One True Being in Action! This has heartened me beyond measure. Finally, our One True Being is coming together in such beautiful ways! For this, I am profoundly grateful.

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