Red Lights and RESET at the Heart of AN!

Where to begin? For us, the Red Lights turned on at the end of August. On August 29, I missed the small bottom step at the Post Office in Cuzco and had a hard fall onto the concrete which sprained my ankle. Suddenly, I couldn’t walk! Not only that, but I was plunged into a completely unforeseen, deeply expanded New Realm where I have spent most of my time.

Now, three weeks later, my ankle is still bruised and swollen and walking is kept to a minimum. I feel that it is slowly getting better, with an emphasis on slowly. In a few days, I will go to a local curandero and see what he can do.

Since then, there has been a series of small Red Lights such as internet problems, our website servers being down and our car battery going dead and needing to be replaced. I’ve had an X ray and my ankle isn’t broken, but the doctor said that it would take five weeks to be healed. Because of this, we had to cancel our October Events here.

Before this happened, we had already organized the work to be done on the Tower of Light of AN. We bought some of the building materials and arranged for German and his crew to do the work. The money received from our Events was going to pay for this, as well as the much needed reprinting of the Cards of AN. Now everything is up in the air!

Since we really feel that the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN is greatly needed during this tumultuous time to strongly anchor the New Reality, we decided to proceed and the work began last Monday. Already the difference in energy can be powerfully felt. Each day, it feels better and better!

We are expanding the Tower by moving the First Circle outwards into the position of the previous Second Circle and adding a new Eleventh Circle on the outside of the Tower of AN. We are also raising the level of the innermost five circles. It feels amazing!

I feel very interconnected with the reconfiguration and RESET of the Tower of Light of AN which is taking place. It feels like this is also occurring within me at the same time. We are so deeply interwoven.

Since we don’t have much money, we don’t know how much work we can do, but will keep going as long as possible. This makes it an excellent time if any of you would like to buy a special treasure from our AN•Mercado. It would help us a lot.

We have also created a special section on the AN•Visible website called, “Creating a Circle of Support for the Heart of AN”.

Creating a Circle of Support for the Heart of AN

This page contains information of the list of projects that we need to do here.

Support our AN-Projects!

Other than my not being able to walk and Emanaku’s exhaustion from doing so much to take care of me and everything else during this time, we are well. We even had some visitors to the Heart of AN a week ago whom we enjoyed very much. Somehow, I managed to give four readings of the Cards of AN in two days! And I somehow finished the September Surf Report in “only” two weeks!

Yes, it’s definitely a challenging time for us, and many others. Profound RESETS always are. It is undeniably intense, but it is nothing bad. Just what is so very needed….

With deep, True AN LOVE to you all….

Next, we all sat as Silent Watchers inside the Tower of Light of AN.

Next, we all sat as Silent Watchers inside the Tower of Light of AN.

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