Feeling the Eclipse at the Heart of AN!

For the past few weeks, we have been feeling flattened and extremely expanded by the energies of last Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse. Yet, in the midst of it all, we carried on with needed maintenance here such as repainting some walls, varnishing our benches and ordering a truckload of firewood.

We’ve also been preparing to totally reset the Tower of Light of AN. The materials have arrived and now we are just waiting for German and his crew to show up. This reset feels timely and important and we’re very excited about doing it.

On Sunday we had a wonderful visit from Belissa who was here last year. This time she brought her two sons, Gaby and Nico, and we had a lot of fun. They left this morning, so now we’ve returned to work with so much to catch up on.

The Eclipse itself felt amazing. Even though it wasn’t visible in South America, it was strongly felt. At the time of its totality, we were doing the Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN inside the Tower of Light and this felt so strong. We seeded the Eclipse with the seeds of the New Reality. The entire Eclipse doorway was powerful. We could feel everyone all over the world who was aligning with it. There was such a strong surge of Love and the New Reality of AN became ever more visible.

We still have some spaces available in our Special Events in October. The Cards of AN Master Class will be October 12 – 16 and bring mega transformation. And our Second Activation of the Tower of Light of AN from October 19 – 24 gives us a brilliant opportunity to put our enhanced knowingness into practice and bring forth our greatness. We really hope that more of you will come and experience the exquisite energies of the Heart of AN as One True Being.

More information is here: anvisible.com/events/

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