Preparing for the Unexpected at the Heart of AN!

The past few weeks have zoomed by. It feels like it’s essential to remain ultra aware and to expect the Unexpected at all times. It also feels important to get as much accomplished as possible, as soon as possible, for there is something huge coming that we don’t yet see.

Because of this, we’ve been organizing a list of projects we’d like to do here. Our first priority is to complete the landscaping around the Tower of Light of AN, which will not only to make it more beautiful, but it will enhance and honor the energies. It also feels like we need to create an organic vegetable and herb garden before the end of the year.

We feel a sense of urgency to recalibrate the Tower of Light of AN by raising the inner five levels. At the same time, we will have all of the eleven river rock circles in it set into cement. This will keep the energy clearer, since the rocks are often knocked out of position by the dogs and water hoses. We hope to start this project in the middle of next week.

We have also put out the call to create a circle of support for the Heart of AN which feels very needed. Here’s a link if you want to read more:

After the Tower of AN has been recalibrated, we will add some river rock paths and plant grass and red clover in the parts of the land which are currently bare dirt. Last week, we added new pink flower plants around the fencing. Once they grow up we will have walls of pink flowers!

It feels important to get this done as soon as possible, for it will prepare the energies of the Tower of Light of AN for October’s Second Activation of the Tower of AN. Even though the Tower is already activated, this new Activation will greatly deepen and expand the AN energies. I have a strong feeling that this Activation in October will be greatly needed, although I don’t yet know what will happen in the world before then that will make it so important. I do know that our Second Activation will be deeply transforming ~ for us personally, as well as the planet.

Here’s more information on October’s Activation in case you are called to participate:

So we are alternating between full on action mode during the first half of the day and flattened mode for a few hours in the afternoons. The afternoons are when the energies become so strong that work is nearly impossible. No matter what is happening, we can feel the intensity rising and the energy growing ever stronger. And as you know, this can often be quite challenging.

Through it all, we are holding True and embrace you all with the Love of AN!

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