Rain and more Rain!

We’ve had many breakthroughs this past week, but also a few challenges. At times, the amazing AN energy becomes even more visible than before, putting us in a renewed state of absolute awe.

Money, or lack of it, continues to be a serious issue. This is heightened because my two US bank cards expire at the end of this month and we don’t yet have a secure way to get the replacement cards to us. If a solution doesn’t manifest, I may have to go get them in March.

Although we’ve had a few gorgeous, sunny days, we’ve also had lots and lots of rain. The area outside the guardian casita has turned into a sea of mud.

AN•Wasi now has much of its outdoor living area built. There are stone walls and a ramada. We will plant flowers all around the walls and in early March, it will have a pastelero tile floor. It will be a comfortable haven for visitors to the Heart of AN.

Yesterday, AN•Wasi’s stairs were installed and the interior is being painted which makes everything look so clean, fresh and beautiful. Next week, we might be able to install the doors. The interior of the guardian house is still being plastered. Its three doors have yet to be made, although the window and door frames were put in this week.

As you can see, we are still dealing with a multitude of details. At the same time, I am trying to finish my AN•A Mu’a Card Decks and book so I can get them published in time for the Readers of the Cards classes in June and possibly July.

We thank you, our beloved Family of AN, for sharing this wondrous journey of manifesting the Heart of AN on the physical with us and for your continued support! ♥


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1 thought on “Rain and more Rain!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Solara

    I have just found you through Kyron and was reading your blog. Your centre looks beautiful and I intend to come and stay. I would love to buy your 11.11 cards and come to learn how to read them.

    I was reading your comments about your US bank cards and how you thought you should go and pick them up. It seemed like a lot of fear was held around them and I felt drawn to say trust yourself and your power to keep them safe. You are in control of your life believe it you have so much help it is amazing! Visualise those bank cards safely in your hands without having to ‘do’ anything except feel gratitude that it is so.

    Kind regards


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