A New Beacon of AN beams forth from The Heart of AN

On Saturday, we had a small, but very sweet, ceremony to put a new Beacon of AN on top of our new guardian casita, along with two beautiful, green ceramic toros. Now, each building here has an AN symbol on top of it, as well as the larger AN which is suspended over our front gate. It feels so good to see them here as true Beacons of AN.

Now, we have to find more bells, since we have an inspiration to create four more Sun Moons for the interactive AN Chakana which we will build next month.

Non-stop activity is continuing here with various projects in several parts of the land.

We are hoping to have AN• Wasi completed by the end of March, so that we can start renting it to visitors to the Heart of AN. It’s very exciting to see it become more ready and lovely each day. By the end of the week, we hope to finally install the beautiful doors which will make such a difference, as well as get them out of our living room. The bathroom sink and toilet will be installed by Holger, Emanaku will put in a bamboo floor in the upstairs bedroom, Aristo will complete the stair and balcony railings, as well as the door for the pump house and German will finish the bamboo wall around the cistern and install pastelero tiles under the ramada. Plus, we will plant lots of flowers!!!

The guardian casita is the main focus of Victor and his team. The interior has been plastered and the outside is in progress. In a few days the bathroom and shower will be tiled. Emanaku and I still need to buy the tiles, bathroom sink, toilet and outside sink. Then a small storage house will be added to the back of the casita, as well as a closet for the hot water heater.

At our house we are still cleaning up construction debris from behind the house. Our small storage shed will get a river rock and cement foundation to protect it from the rain. We are also making plans for a small herb garden and sitting area at the side of the house.

We are busy beyond measure manifesting the Heart of AN onto the physical. At the same time, we are organizing the four events that we will hold here in June and July and will have information on them coming soon. In addition, I am finishing my AN• A’Mu’a Card Decks and Book so I can, somewhat miraculously, have them published before June. It is A LOT for us to do and we are often hovering on the edge of profound exhaustion. Yet….. We are supremely happy and blessed to be here and know this in every fiber and cell of our beings!


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