Super ‘A Mu’a at The Heart of AN

Last week was action-packed here with much getting accomplished. Here’s a partial list of what I can remember:


• River rocks are being put over the open stone foundation which now looks so beautiful.

• Our AN shaped herb garden was created.

• Cracks in our exterior yeso were repaired.

• A broken window was replaced.

• Balcony windows that leaked in the rain were siliconed from the outside by the extremely fearless glass guy who was basically suspended in thin air while he did it.

• We painted a Balinese wooden shutter for our bathroom window.



• The exterior was painted.

• The adobe wall on its right was painted.

• A ceramic AN from Mexico was put into the wall.

• The door to the pump house was installed. (We still need to add tiles to it.)

• The front door, bathroom door and balcony doors were installed.

• The stairs and railings were completed.

• Bamboo flooring was brought from our house to the upstairs bedroom.

• Glass was installed in all the windows and doors. (Next Emanaku has to put on all the window fasteners.)

• The stone steps were finished with river rocks on both sides. (Next, we need to buy LOTS of flowers and plant them around the house and stairs.)

• Electrical switches, plugs and spotlights were installed.



• The exterior was covered with yeso.

• The shower received its first coat of cement.

• Construction has begun on a small storage shed and a closet for the hot water heater which are behind the house.

Emanaku and I went into hyper speed action for most of the week, including two trips to Cuzco in which we filled our car to the top with more building supplies. (My credit card debt is mounting.) We are also in the midst of organizing the June – July Special Events here, designing the AN Chakana, as well as the guardian casita’s bathroom, kitchen and three doors. Next, Emanaku needs to install AN•Wasi’s bamboo floor and I need to paint a kitchen cupboard for it. And in the midst of all this activity, I am trying to write the March Surf Report. Such a wild, wild creative surge!

All the while, we are constantly nourished by the amazing beauty here. And everything just keeps becoming more beautiful! This morning I was sitting on our small office balcony drinking my coffee and suddenly a vortex opened up in the cornfield next to our land. There were multiple rings of concentric circles superimposed over the corn. This experience didn’t last long, but it was so astonishing. We are absolutely blessed to live in such exquisite, Ultra Greater Reality AN energy!

By the middle of this month, we hope to have all the registration information on our Special Events ready and truly hope that some of you will be able to join us!! With TRUE HEART LOVE from the HEART OF AN!

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