AN•TAWA CEREMONIES 2 • Day 7 — Anchoring at the Heart of AN

On our final day together, we visited the AN•Chakana and sat as Jewels in the Crown, then chanted the HU TAWA HU.

We spent the afternoon at the Tower of Light of AN, making a free flowing rain ceremony and then playing our Drums of AN. It was exquisite.

Our amazing week together had passed by way too quickly. Now standing in the middle of the Eleven Concentric Circles while playing our Drums of AN was deeply poignant. This would be the last time that our unique combination of Timeless True Ones would be here together in the physical.

We basked in the immense LOVE and savored every moment together. Next year, we will hold our final two AN•TAWA CEREMONIES. The Dates are: May 11- 18, 2023 and October 18 — 25, 2023. THE GAME IS TRULY OVER! ~ HERE WE ARE! ~

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