Setting the Templates for 2019 at the Heart of AN!

SETTING THE TEMPLATES FOR 2019 at the Heart of AN!

We have been super busy completing our two ongoing projects so we will be ready for the magnificent year of 2019. Nothing is finished yet, but we have made great progress.

Emanaku is already moving into KUSI•WASI and has started to make work tables and more shelves. As free space is created inside our house, this has activated a domino effect. Everything is in a state of being repatterned, repositioned and recalibrated.

Another new shelf will be arriving this week for the art studio which will hold all our art supplies ~ such as paints, pens, paper and brushes. When this happens, more dominoes will begin to fall, putting everything into new, true positions. These shifting rows of dominoes all around us feel very timely and quite amazing. There’s the sense that we’ve waited to do this for a very long time.

TAWA•WASI, our new outside pavilion, has been awaiting the return of German and his crew who have disappeared over the holidays. When they do return, it will only take a few days to be done. In the meanwhile, Amilcar and his brother Wilbert came and built a beautiful fireplace there. The fireplace only needs half a day to be complete, then next week it will be painted.

While all this has been happening, I’ve been alternating between doing things and lying down. I’ve been in a place of deep quiet and healing ~ with a profound need for silence. The energies have been very strong here as they build up to this wondrous New Year.

We wish all our beloved Family of AN a HAPPY TRUE YEAR, full of Quantum Breakthroughs on all levels!

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