Full Speed at the Heart of AN!

We are in the final stretch of our massive Creative Surge, mega manifestation, of the New Reality at the Heart of AN!

During this week, TAWA•WASI has undergone an immense transformation. The walls are up and the tiles are in. Most of the roof is on. The floor tiles are in position, awaiting tomorrow’s cement. There’s a huge push to get as much as possible done by tomorrow ~ as after that, we won’t see German and his crew until the New Year. It’s already looking beautiful and feels amazing.

KUSI•WASI has been in a holding pattern for several weeks while we wait for the front doors to be finished ~ which are supposed to be installed tomorrow. A local metal worker is making the lock and the window and doors still need glass. Once all that is ready, a monumental RESET will take place and dominoes will start to fall in multiple directions. So much will be moved into its True Position.

Our vegetable garden is now producing gorgeous zucchini and summer squash, as well as copious amounts of varieties of lettuce and arugula. Tomatoes, carrots, daikon and beets will be ready soon.

Last Sunday, Emanaku drove up into the high Andes and returned three male crias to Pedro’s herd. As always, we are sad to see them go, but know that it’s all right. Emanaku returned home with a new Mama alpaca, whom we call Rit’i and her five day old cria ~ now called Kukuli. Pedro also had him bring with him a young male who had previously been sick and now needs some healing AN energy from our AN Alpaca Refuge.

We have a wonderful guest coming for a week-long special retreat in the middle of January. Then, after all our dominoes have clicked into their new positions and our new buildings are complete, it will be time to be quiet and focus on internal creativity. I want to go back to writing my book and Emanaku has many things he wants to make for KUSI•WASI.

We have no plans for the “holidays” ~ no tree, no special meal and no presents ~ which is perfect for us. Instead our great gift is simply being here ~ surrounded by exquisite beauty, in the wondrous energy of the New Reality of AN. We will sit with the alpacas and watch the crias dancing and playing, eat from our garden and be grateful for many things ~ not the least of which is LIFE ITSELF.

We embrace our beloved Family of AN with Pure True Love!!

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1 thought on “Full Speed at the Heart of AN!”

  1. Gopika says:

    Hi Solara,

    Everything looks so beautiful in the Heart of AN. I wish my monitor were a door, and I could just walk through and be there.

    Thxx for all of the time and focus you give to writing your blog posts and in anchoring the Light of the World.

    Happiest of holidays to you and Emanaku.

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