Focusing on the Practical at the Heart of AN

After a wild, wild November, we have turned our attention to integrating the influx of new energies by focusing on practical matters.

KUSI•WASI now has electricity and is waiting for the front door to be finished. Our carpenter Aristo says it will be ready in one week. Once the door is installed, Emanaku will move in all the tools, paint and building supplies. Then he will start building a work table and various shelving. He is beyond excited!

The magical world of our vegetable garden ~ MIKUNA PACHA ~ is flourishing. A few days ago, Pedro and I finished planting the few empty areas. We already have an abundance of lettuce, arugula, onions and radishes. Coming soon will be cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, bok choi and lots of tomatoes. It’s an immensely healing, nourishing area.

The waterfalls for the water canal that goes from the water tank in the garden to the canal around our house have been created. There are now three waterfalls which are so relaxing and beautiful.

We have two new shelves in the Art Studio for my tiles. This creates a huge breakthrough! I’m already planning for a new shelf which will hold all our paints and pens! I love getting everything reorganized into their right positions.

AND…. Construction is in progress for TAWA•WASI ~ a small temple of the Four Elements.

The Alpacas of AN are all happy. Sweet baby Asiri has grown immensely and loves to frolic while the others eat grass. Tawani seems to be getting more healthy.

Our days are full of too many things to do, but we are happy and full of enthusiasm to get as much done as possible.

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