Intense Master Number Days of November at the Heart of AN

November was an undeniably intense month full of Master Number Days that brought immense transformation. Here at the Heart of AN, these days were strongly felt.

On the Master Number day of November 7, our cat Leo got so sick that the veterinarian thought he wouldn’t make it. On November 11 ~ a Master Number day of 11•11•11, we were woken up by a 4.0 earthquake at 6:11 am (11:11 UTC) ~ the exact same time as our 11•11•11 Reset Ceremony on November 11, 2011, seven years before at the Inca site of Moray.

(for a complete overview of all Master Number days of November 2018, see here).

On the Master Cylinder day of November 25, we had a wonderful visit with our old friend Chalo. Meanwhile, our alpaca Tawani became very sick. On the Master Number day of November 26, the Alpacas of AN became immensely loving and friendly ~ nudging us with affection, kissing the dogs and showing their love for us like never before.

On the Master Number day of November 28, Pedro told us that Tawani would die soon if we didn’t do a ceremony to Pachamama. We immediately contacted a Q’ero Paqo who arrived in the early afternoon. After several readings of the coca leaves, he announced that Tawani would die. She would be a sacrifice to Pachamama so that the others could live. That’s when I realized that much more was at stake than saving Tawani. This was an opportunity to change a very old, duality-based false belief. I knew that Pachamama doesn’t require suffering and sacrifice ~ she much prefers happy animals. And it never felt right to me that everyone had to make some sort of payment to Pachamama every year or else suffer misfortune. The Pachamama whom I know and love doesn’t demand payments. Suddenly I developed a strong commitment that today we HAD to unhook that expired belief from its old moorings and move it to a new place of Trueness.

This process took us seven hours. Throughout that time, I kept inserting the SUN • MOON • PACHAMAMA • AN Meditation into everything that was happening outwardly. (The whole story of what happened is in my December Surf Report.)

The next day was the final Master Number day of the month ~ an 11•11•11. Emanaku left for Cuzco early in the morning. An hour later, to our total astonishment, Nima gave birth to a baby cria right next to the AN•Labyrinth!!! Within an hour, baby Asiri was walking around and later that afternoon, she finally started drinking her Mother’s milk.

For several days more, it was still uncertain if Tawani would make it or not. She spent much of her time lying down and ate little. Now, a Turning Point has been reached and she is finally better!

While all this was happening, the construction of Kusi•Wasi continued. The building is now complete and has electricity. Once the doors are installed, Emanaku will be able to move in enough so he can build some more shelves. Then the domino effect of everything finding its new right position will commence.

Our vegetable garden is thriving and we’ll be planting more seeds as soon as we have a free moment. Plus, a new, creative construction project has begun! We’re hoping that everything will be ready by the beginning of the New Year. We don’t yet know why, but we feel that we need to get as much as possible into their True Position for 2019.


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