Surfing a Massive Creative Surge at the Heart of AN!

This huge Creative Surge shows no sign of slowing down or diminishing. We are on our largest surfboards and enjoying a very wild ride on super creative waves upon waves. We feel a strong sense of urgency to get as much done as possible. We don’t know why we feel this urgency, but the Creative Surge is making everything go surprisingly smoothly. With each task we do, the energies of the New Reality of AN become noticeably stronger and sweeter. `

Even though parts of our land are currently construction zones, EVERYTHING here is infused with AN energies ~ it is exquisitely beautiful, deeply inspiring and nourishing beyond words.

The construction of the outer structure of Emanaku’s new workshop ~ Kusi•Wasi ~ is nearing completion. (Kusi means Happiness in Quechua and this workshop is bringing us all much joy.) The roof over the new carport and firewood area is going on today. It will still take several weeks before all the carpentry is completed, but we hope to move in by the end of the year, if not before.

Our vegetable garden in its sacred Timeless True World is flourishing. The plants really love it there, and so do we. We cannot wait for our first harvest.

No matter what is going on here, there’s a feeling of tremendous joy. There’s also a sense of accomplishment ~ a feeling that the hardest part of anchoring the New Reality is over. It’s already here! It’s strongly anchored at the Heart of AN. It feels stunningly True. There is so much LOVE here at the Heart of AN. And for all that, we are deeply grateful.

We are especially thankful to all of you ~ our magnificent Family of AN ~ for holding the Beam for us and for your continuous support. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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