Solistice Ceremony at the Heart of AN!

On the Solstice, there was a call to join a ceremony centered in Uluru, Australia. This presented us with an interesting situation. There was something powerful and true about the call to align together all over the world. Yet, while this felt right, there were also elements which didn’t feel right. One of the strongest red flags was that the organizers of the Uluru event had not attained permission from the Anangu tribe (the Original People) who are in charge of Uluru. In fact, the Anangu had actually come out against this event.

So we were presented with something which felt both right and wrong at the same time. This is how many things feel at this time. There’s an element of strong rightness on certain levels, while there’s also an element that isn’t in full integrity. That’s because the fixed delineations of duality’s “Good” and “Bad” are in the process of dissolving. During situations like this, it’s an excellent time to pull out our Heart’s Knowingness and follow the Compass of our Heart.

Here at the Heart of AN in Peru, we decided to make a simple ceremony. Even though I have deep respect for the sovereignty of the Anangu, there was a powerful feeling of rightness to participate. The only way we could do a ceremony with full integrity was from the New Reality of AN ~ with the focus on unifying with our One True Being on the New Timeline. At 5:00 am, Emanaku and I sat on the grass at the Tower of Light of AN, facing in the direction of Uluru. We didn’t do the focus that the conference had asked everyone to do. This wasn’t a conscious decision; we simply forgot about it.

Basically, all we did was sit on the ground as embodiments of the New Reality of AN, wearing our magenta ponchos. We played the hand painted clapsticks that I had gotten at Uluru during my first visit there in 1991. We did a few of our AN mudras, but nothing felt really necessary ~ just our being present on the New Timeline in alignment with everyone all over the world felt like it was more than sufficient. Our experience was deep and powerful ~ full of immense love. And that was enough. Afterwards, everything here was streaming with light. We had entered a wondrous Timeless True World that was full of great beauty and true magic.

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