March’s Special Ceremonies of EL•AN•RA! ~ One ~ The First Two Lakes

On March 7, we made three small ceremonies of the EL•AN•RA ~ the three Stars in the Belt of Orion that are the pinions which keep this dimensional universe anchored into duality. These ceremonies took place at the three sacred lakes near here which correspond with the three Stars in Orion’s Belt.

There were nine of us coming from six countries. We had a man and woman representing each Star, as well as three magnificent guardians. We began at the EL Lake, where we asked the lake in Star Language for permission to do a ceremony and then poured our eleven bottles of sacred water from the Heart of AN into the lake as an offering of our Love and Respect. This part was exquisite and the Lake was very happy to receive our gifts.

All of our ceremonies were short, but very sweet. They were similar, but different. We sat as Silent Watchers, we did the Sun•Moon•AN Meditation, we chanted the EL•AN•RA, we played our Drums of EL•AN•RA, and finally did the PA’A. At the end we went in pairs of Stars to the lake where we refilled our bottles with lake water. It didn’t seem to matter what we did ~ what was important were our pure intentions and True, True Love.

This year at the Heart of AN, we will be making more ceremonies with the EL•AN•RA, loosening the pins of duality to help facilitate the Great Shift.

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