Surfing the Big Waves at the Heart of AN!

The past week was a mixture of leaping into action, interspersed with being totally flattened by the strong energies. When the Green Lights turned on, we got much done. This happened mainly in the mornings and after lunch, it was time to either be in Quantum Deep or sleep. The weather here often mirrored the energies with sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.

On Monday, we had a very enjoyable visit with Stefan from Austria, who also had a reading with the Cards of AN. It’s quite amazing how we get the perfect visitors here, many of whom find us in unusual ways. They are always at a major Turning Point in their lives and coming here gives them what they most need.

There are several, vitally important elements that we are trying to bring to completion right now, but we have learned that there is no way to push them through to completion. Instead, we know that they are all in The Dance and everything will happen in its own perfect timing.

At the same time, I am enjoying rewriting my “11:11” book and can’t wait until it is available as an eBook. Next year, I’m super excited to write a new book with stories of my life, plus Emanaku and I have several other book projects that we want to do.

We are working with Maru and Sebastian to organize our schedule of Special Events at the Heart of AN for 2017. At this moment, it looks like we will have a Cards of AN Master Class in May, followed by the week long Conclave of AN. This feels better than having the Conclave in October because it feels urgent to trigger the Tipping Point by getting the Jewels in the Crown. These two events will be followed by an optional trip to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with Sebastian and Maru.

It’s always challenging to organize something when its True Purpose hasn’t yet been revealed. And we only want to do what is True. But it also feels right to have another Special Ceremonial Event in October, as well as a Cards of AN Master Class. We remain open to hosting other ceremonies and events as they appear throughout the year. We hope to finalize part of our 2017 Schedule in January and when it’s ready, it will be published here.

The final payment for our Sanctuary Land is due on January 22nd and we still need $18,000 for it. Although there are occasional twinges of panic, most of the time, we are centered in our knowingness that it will be manifested somehow, just in time. If you would like to be part of this miracle, Here’s the link for donations:

As soon as the land is paid for, we will start paying back the personal loans as soon as possible. After that, we have several exciting ideas of what we would like to build and create here next year.

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