Sacred Pause at the Heart of AN!

We are in the midst of clearing out expired energies and recalibrating as much as we can. We know that everything must be moved onto a new level for 2017, even here at the Heart of AN.

Our main focus right now is raising the money for the final land payment of our beautiful and sacred AN•Sanctuary land which is due on January 22nd. We still need to raise $17,000 for this and we need to make the payment on time. We are so close to doing this, but we really need your help for this final payment. If you are able to help us create this miracle, you can make a donation here.

We are deeply grateful for any and all support.

I’ve been steadily working on my “11:11” book, but now have set it aside for a few weeks so I can write the Year 2017 and the January 2017 Surf Reports. This is always such a marathon each year.

We are also preparing for sale some special treasures from Peru which carry the energy of the New Reality and hope to have them online within the next week.

Our 2017 Special Events are still being organized. We are feeling out the right timing of our next Conclave of AN. It will be either in May or October.

We send True, True LOVE to all our beloved Family of AN. May we all have a glorious, New True Year full of quantum breakthroughs and an abundance of LOVE!

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