The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN: Part Three

On May 23 was the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. Before that, we had five days of preparation. We were blessed with a strong group of twenty-two brilliant True Ones, many of whom had participated in various 11:11 Master Cylinders.

On our fourth day together, we went to the Sunday Market in Chinchero to find touchstones of the New Reality. In the afternoon, we formed what we thought would be practical work parties to prepare for the Activation. One group sorted through our solar light collection to find the ones which worked. A second group made costumes for our Fire Roosters. (You will see why they are necessary in Part Four of this Photo Journey.) A group of two painted the posts around the Tower of Light with much playful enthusiasm. Another group made strings of stars to hang on the porton to AN•Sonqo. The largest group joined with me to wash the crystals which many had brought to go around the Tower of Light of AN.

These work parties took us to a totally unexpected new level, with the emphasis on UNEXPECTED and NEW LEVEL! This was also when our One Being suddenly clicked together. It definitely took us Off the Map of the Known. And ever since then, our awareness has been expanded and the magical merger of Worlds within Worlds remains.

It is our hope that from these photos, you will be able to feel the energy of this momentous, mega Activation of the Tower of Light of AN.

Here is Part Three, presented to you with much AN LOVE….

Work Parties:
The One Being Clicks Together

Practice for the Activation Ceremony

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