The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN: Part Two

May 23 was the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. Before that, we had five days of preparation. We were blessed with a strong group of twenty-two brilliant True Ones, many of whom had participated in various 11:11 Master Cylinders.

From the very beginning we knew that we needed twenty-two people for this important Activation. Our infrastructure won’t support more than that. We had ten people staying at the Heart of AN and twelve staying at the nearby hostal, Casita Huaran.

Since we have well over 4,000 photos of our time together, it has taken a week to narrow them down to our Six Part Photo Journey. It is our hope that through these photos, you will be able to directly feel the energy of this momentous Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. And that you will be infused with the wondrous New Reality of AN.

Here is Part Two, presented to you with much LOVE….

The AN•Labyrinth:
Stepping out of the old and into the New Life

Chinchero Market:
Finding Hidden Treasures

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