We had an amazing Conclave of the Family of AN. Much of what we did, was not photographed, since we were all involved in the ceremonies which took place daily. Everything was also of such a level that much of what we did was not meant to be photographed, or even described.

On the fourth day of the Conclave, we walked the AN•Labyrinth in a completely new way. Its True Purpose had been revealed to me earlier that morning. During the first half of the labyrinth, we walked out of our old lives in duality. Occasionally, we encountered places and emotions where we were still hooked in duality and we would stop and release them. It was a deeply transforming experience.

When we reached the centerpoint of the labyrinth, it felt so good to step onto the AN circle. In the middle of the center, we did the AN Mudra and proclaimed out loud, “MUANI” (I am the new beginning of the New Reality of AN!)

Then we walked the second half of the AN•Labyrinth, it was a good reflection of what we are experiencing in our lives right now. Although we could not see where our journey through the labyrinth was taking us, we made each step in Trueness as a True One. And with each step into the New Reality, we felt increasingly lighter. As we emerged from the labyrinth, our Family of AN awaited us with great joy! It was a profound experience.

The next day we made the first part of our Jewels in the Crown ceremony on our new AN•Sonqo Sanctuary land. This new part of the Heart of AN is absolutely made for ceremonies in the New Reality. The energy there is so clean, so pure, so greatly expanded. Even so, it felt like our One Being was not quite ready, (for various reasons), to fully embody the Jewels in the Crown, so our ceremony was short and incomplete. But we did what we could and began the process of putting the Jewels in the Crown. Afterwards, we all sat on the edge of this land and basked in the exquisite energies.

There will be four parts of this Photo Journey. We have made new videos of the 11:11 and AN Mudras, as well as the Silent Watchers and Pa’a which are currently being edited. We also have some amazing, new drone footage of the Heart of AN coming soon.

We hope that you can feel the energy of what was accomplished here during the Conclave, and feel the expanded New Reality of AN.

We are already thinking ahead to next October’s Conclave of the Family of AN. Many new ideas are coming in. And we hope that more of you will be called to come.

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