Transformation at the Heart of AN!

Yesterday we finished our five day Cards of AN Master Class. This was the fourth one we have held here, and it was magnificent! This amazing class is an in depth immersion into the New Reality that always greatly transforms the participants. It is also extremely fun.

Since the very intense Full Moon on the night of the 15th, we have been surfing Choppy Surf and taking care of the numerous small glitches which keep arising.

This is happening because of the very powerful, incoming energies of our Conclave of the Family of AN which begins on Thursday. The Conclave will be a week of special ceremonies to loosen the pins of duality so it can turn Inside Out. We invite you to join with us in unified purpose. We will try to post something from the Conclave daily, although that may not be possible every day since we will often be Off the Map of the Known.

On the final day of our Cards of AN Master Class, three people arrived for the Conclave. It was great to see again Keenuane of Mexico and Sebastian from Germany, and to finally meet Sharon from Israel. Now we have two days to catch up on our work and prepare for the Conclave. And tomorrow, we will finally make the second payment on our exquisite new land!

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1 thought on “Transformation at the Heart of AN!”

  1. Gabor Beke says:

    Dearest Solara and All of You,
    I’ll be with You from Hungary during this more then decisive week “in unified purpose”. 🙂
    With AN Love,

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