We had an amazing Conclave of the Family of AN. Although we were a small group, we came from ten countries. Our two Dogs of AN, Manzana and Cachorro were active participants in much of what we did and were powerful embodiments of Pure True Love. Since we were working with very True energies, we also had to be very pure, very focused and real. And that we were!

Much of what we did was not photographed, since we were all involved in the ceremonies which took place daily. Everything was also of such a deep level that much of what we did was not meant to be photographed, or even described.

On the first day of the Conclave, Emanaku and I had to make two trips to the nearby town of Calca to make the second payment on our new land. Although we had tried to do this before the Conclave, this is how it happened, and it felt strangely right that it happened during the Conclave. We have only one more land payment to make in January and this magnificent sacred land will fully belong to the Heart of AN.

Each morning we began the day with the 11:11 and AN Mudras which we performed in a special place outside on the land. For several days, we sat as the Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN in the upstairs AN Room and lovingly removed the pins of duality. This was a profound experience.

On the morning of the second day of the Conclave, we finally had our procession to the AN•Chakana where our Sacred Staffs of AN were placed into position, signifying the official beginning of the Conclave.

There will be four parts of this Photo Journey. In addition, we have made new videos of the 11:11 and AN Mudras, as well as the Silent Watchers and Pa’a which are currently being edited. We also have some amazing, new drone footage of the Heart of AN which we are very excited to share with you.

Today is our first day without visitors since October 9th. The November Surf Report is waiting to be written, as well as the completion of the photo journey of the Conclave.

But we hope that you can feel the energy of what was accomplished here during the Conclave, and can immerse yourself into the expanded New Reality birthed at the Heart of AN.

The Tipping Point is happening. It’s in progress now. And I will write more about it in my November Surf Report….

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