Transforming With the Cards of AN!

Yesterday we completed our five day Cards of AN Master Class. We had a super strong group of fourteen people, all of whom, except for two, are staying on for the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN which begins tomorrow. Seven more people are arriving and we have our needed twenty two people for the Activation.

I’ve always felt that we needed twenty two for the Activation and we recently heard that the San Bushman of the Kalahari will be making a sacred dance to ignite the One Heart Fire in South Africa on the 24th of May, when we will still be in ceremony here. They will also be having twenty two people in their ceremony. So there’s a great rightness in the Master Number of Twenty Two, the number of Building the New.

The day before our class, we placed the tiles of the eleven pointed star into the center of the future Tower of Light of AN. It looks amazing! While we were having our Cards of AN Class, German and his crew finished the river rock paths and built the porton at the entrance of the AN•Sonqo land. The final coat of lacquer is being put on the porton today and this afternoon, we will install our new AN Disc there.

Roberto and his crew have been making carrizo panels to cover parts of the metal fence and they not only look beautiful, but they give us more privacy. Today, we will also put up our ceremonial banners throughout the land.

Tomorrow we begin our six day Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. We will try to find the time to make a video of the second part of the Triangulation Mudra and get it online for you. From tomorrow, May 18 – May 25, we will be in ceremony here, with the main Activation of the Tower of Light of AN taking place on May 23. We don’t know what hours we will be doing this, as we work spontaneously with the energies and nothing is preplanned.

We invite you all, Beloved Family of AN, to join with us during this time to anchor the New Reality of AN all over the world. I’m sure that you will feel the times when you are called to be with us. The energies are so strong here that at times, it is almost flattening, but we have the best group ever!

We embrace you all with an infusion of the New Reality of AN and Pure True Love!

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