Trying to Keep Warm at the Heart of AN!

We’re having a much colder winter than usual here. The nearby Apus are covered with snow. The wood stove in our living room is going all day and we are doing our best to stay warm.

We are so happy that we are taking care of some of Pedro’s baby alpacas. The smallest one, whom we have named Chaska ~ which is Quechua for Star ~ probably wouldn’t have survived if she hadn’t come here. All of our Alpacas of AN are flourishing and we so love having them here. It’s impossible not to feel happy around them.

We are still feeling a deep sense of quiet and are somewhat relieved not to have visitors right now. When we have a bit of free time, Emanaku and I are working on books about our lives. Mine is already 250 pages, but there’s still much more to write. And after it’s done, I want to finish the new edition of “11:11”.

Last week, German and his crew arrived to finish our vegetable garden. Now, there are river rock paths inside it and around the outside. The two built in bancas (seats) are done, as well as six mosaic mandalas which I created to go into the paths. It looks beautiful. As soon as German returns, we will finish the basin for the water system, outline the water canals with cement and build the river rock path down the hill to the garden. Then we will be ready for the planting of our new seeds!

We have decided not to hold any more Special Events this year and will wait until next May. It feels right to get our books done and have some quiet time to restructure and reset everything. We do have a few groups coming in September which we know will be amazing and much fun. By then, we will be ready!

In next week’s Photo Journey of the Heart of AN, there may be even more Alpacas of AN!

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