Alpacas Everywhere at the Heart of AN!

June has been a month of recovery time for us at the Heart of AN. On June 8th, we finally got our car, La Perla back from the repair shop. She had been gone for three weeks and it feels so much better to have her home with us. We had a one night visit, complete with readings of the Cards of AN for Marta and Carlos of Brazil who were super nice. A week later, Emanaku’s cousin Benedikt and his partner Inés arrived from Germany for a week long visit and will leave tomorrow.

Now, we are going to pull up our drawbridge a bit and try to spend the next two months concentrating on writing. Both of us are working on books about our lives. We really need this time of quiet in order to get these books finished before several groups arrive for visits in September.

We still haven’t decided or set a date for our next Special Events ~ which might be in October or November. We will decide soon.

Three weeks ago, there was over 30 cm (1 foot) of snow at Pedro’s house in the remote Andean community of Yanamayo which is at an altitude of 4,000 meters (13,100 ft). These conditions are very difficult for the baby alpacas since they have no place to get out of the snow there.

So last Saturday, Emanaku and Roberto made a trip to Pedro’s community on a special mission to bring five of Pedro’s baby alpacas to the refuge of the Heart of AN during the cold winter up there.

We’ve already fallen totally in love with them, as have Nima and Tawa. It feels perfect to now have seven alpacas here! Alpacas bring so much happiness and we could easily watch them for hours! Even though they are only meant to be here for a month or so, we are hoping that some of them will be able to stay with us and become Alpacas of AN. • • • •

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