Immersion Into AN – Part Four (of Four)


On our last morning together, we went as One True Being to the Tower of AN. Our Drums of AN again issued the Call. “We are here! We call forth our Family of AN to join with us. We are birthing the New Reality of AN! Come, join with us to anchor Love and Trueness!”

After we had sat down around the Tower of Light of AN, Nima approached us with great curiosity. She came closer and closer and you could tell that she really wanted to come into the center of the Tower. It was a magical moment from a True Alpaca of AN.

That afternoon, we all dressed in blue and met at the AN•Chakana. Here, we were to embody the Kayumaris ~ the sacred blue deer known to the Huichols of Mexico. Kayumaris are the guardians of the doorways between the Worlds, called Nierikas. They know all the pathways to the secret, hidden worlds.

We all shared our most sacred quest ~ what we most wanted to find in our lives. Then we began embodying the Kayumaris and our search began. From the upper level, we danced down to the AN•Chakana and went on top of it, then danced back up to the higher level again. It was a powerful experience as we traversed the Doorways between the Worlds.

Then as Kayumaris, we danced to the entrance to the Tower of AN land. One by one, we stood in front of the portal and while playing our Drums of AN, we rose up as a True One so we could enter.
It was an amazing, deeply transformational experience.

There was a strong sense of poignancy as we once again sat around the center of the Tower of AN because we all knew that this would be the last time that we would all be together in the physical in this exact configuration. It was so precious to all be together as One True Being sending forth the sound of our Drums of AN all over the world.

Thus, our May Special Events at the Heart of AN came to its appointed conclusion. It was an intensely profound journey that was way beyond what we had imagined.

We have already begun thinking about having more Special Events in October or November.

With deepest gratitude to the twenty-two special beings from our Family of AN who came from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Romania, UK and USA to share this magical time with us at the Heart of AN ~ our True Home. WE LOVE YOU!

PA’A! Well done!

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1 thought on “Immersion Into AN – Part Four (of Four)”

  1. ongralea says:

    You have brought Great Beauty and Beamed it Forth To All

    Blessed are We Who Dance in Delight and Hear the Call of S p i r i t in Drum

    Who Returns to Remind Us of Who We Are

    Of the Same One L i g h t from L o v e

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