Visible Shifts at The Heart of AN

The New Moon on December 11th, brought us a perceptible shift that is manifesting on many levels. It feels like another creative surge of ‘A Mu’a (going forward) has begun. Many new projects suddenly appeared, adding to the ones that are already in progress. Although we feel overstretched and often tired, we are also filled with a tremendous sense of excitement.

The most visible manifestation of the shift at the Heart of AN is the new river rock path that is being built right now from our house to the driveway. German and four of his sons arrived on Monday, a week late, but not bad for Peru, and immediately leapt into action. This is something that we have wanted to do for over a year. And it is already so beautiful! It should be completed by this weekend.

Emanaku is super busy working on getting my book, “The Star-Borne” ready to go on the iBooks store. It looks gorgeous. And we already have some exciting new books that we want to do in the New Year, as soon as I write the Year 2016 and January 2016 Surf Reports. There are so many seeds of the New that want to be born!

The Peruvian Post Office is in its 35th day of an indefinite strike. Tons of mail have accumulated in warehouses throughout Peru while negotiations take place. We also have a stack of orders for the “Cards of AN” which are waiting to be sent. In the meanwhile, we are searching for an alternate shipping method.

We are still waiting for a Green Light to organize our 2016 Master Classes and Special Events at the Heart of AN. We can already feel them pulsating with vibrancy, but are waiting until they settle into their right timing.

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