A Quiet Week at The Heart of AN

Everything has slowed down considerably at the Heart of AN. On Saturday, German and Andres finished our new storage building and the river rock paths near the site of our future AN•Labyrinth. They were supposed to return on Monday to make a river rock path from our house to the car, but as often happens here, they didn’t show up. They probably have taken another job elsewhere and will return in a week or two after it is finished.

When the yeso plaster on the walls of the new storage room finally dries, we will be able to fill it with building materials that are currently under a tent and start creating the amazing AN•Labyrinth!

The Peruvian Post Office is still on strike. It has been nearly a month now. We’ve heard that the strike is happening because some of the bosses stole the money that was meant for the Christmas bonuses of the workers. This means that we haven’t been able to send any orders for the Cards of AN.

The energies feel very quiet and contemplative this week. We can feel the seeds of the New germinating below the ground. We’re getting a feeling for what events we want to have here next year, but aren’t yet ready to set them into definitive dates.

Emanaku is busy putting some of my books on the iTunes store. We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I’m thinking about rewriting my book, “The Legend of Altazar” so I can merge the, as yet unpublished, new material which is in the screenplay into the existing book. But I won’t be able to start this project until after I write the Year 2016 and January 2016 Surf Reports at the beginning of the year.

It feels good that bits of free time are now opening up to allow us to finally turn our attention to some of the projects we have wanted to do for a long time. And of course, we still have to design the AN•Labyrinth!

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