Rainy Season Begins at The Heart of AN!

Last Wednesday’s Full Moon brought us a change of weather as it usually does. We went from sunny and hot with humidity from the selva, to the beginning of the rainy season. But as often happens in a well ordered landscape, most of the rain is during the night with sunny days. The glorious thing about the rainy season is that everything quickly turns green and becomes so beautiful.

We also had a super nice visitor from Germany who stayed in AN•Wasi for a few nights. Gertrud absolutely loved all the small creative touches there. She loved the tranquillity of the Heart of AN. One night she slept for ten hours! She had just completed a very busy three week tour of Peru and very wisely decided to end her trip with a stay at the Heart of AN which was deeply replenishing for her.

Our new building is making great progress. The cement floors are already in and tomorrow they will install two glass block pillars on the front side which will face the labyrinth. Yesterday we put our glass tile designs into the newly cemented floor of the front part and it has quite fresh energy. Next week, we will show you photos of the final result.

We’ve been contemplating what direction the Heart of AN should take in order to manifest its True Purpose. We are clear on its True Purpose of physically anchoring the AN energies of the New Reality on the planet, but not on how we are specifically meant to serve the public and support ourselves. Originally, we saw the Heart of AN as a community, but since no one has wanted to live here full time with us, this may not be part of its present unfolding.

Since the beginning, we have wanted to buy an adjoining piece of land and build a Sanctuary there which can be used to Special Events, Workshops and Ceremonies. But, we have not yet been able to manifest the money to do this. Even without our Sanctuary, we are planning on organizing special events and Readers of the Cards Classes here next year.

We have had several spiritual tour groups visit the Heart of AN, but they don’t have time to fully immerse themselves in the energies here as they are on such a busy schedule. Many people want to visit, but we haven’t yet found a way for this to sufficiently support the Heart of AN so we can continue to manifest our vision. We are listening and looking to see what is the truest way to proceed.

We are sure that 2016 will bring us more of our True People, as well as greater clarity to show us the way that the Heart of AN can grow and flourish! PA’A!!

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