Deep Shifts at The Heart of AN:

We’ve had another busy week here. One of our main focuses has been replacing the important cards that were lost with Emanaku’s wallet a week ago. To do this, we’ve made three trips to Cuzco in the last week. Three cards have now been replaced, with another three still in process.

We’ve also been cleaning and preparing AN•Wasi for a guest from Germany who arrives tomorrow. It now looks and feels good.

Our rainy season has disappeared for the past week. Instead it has been quite hot and has a hint of jungle humidity in it.

Our old storage hut where Justo used to stay has been completely dismantled and a new small building is being constructed. The back part of it will be for storage of our building supplies and equipment, while the front part will be used as a covered seating area, as well as a stage area for musicians when we have special events at the AN•Labyrinth.

We are still designing the labyrinth, waiting until we clearly see and feel the right design for it. One thing that we do see is that it will be multi-leveled, rather than flat, so when you walk inside the Sun – Moon of AN, you will also be going up and down. Sort of a combination of a labyrinth and the Inca site of Moray.

I am also busy designing the glass mosaics that will go into the cement floor of the “stage” area to make it more beautiful. I will install them in the floor later this week.

Yesterday afternoon, there were three large earthquakes near the Peru – Brazil border, of 7.0 to 7.6 magnitude. Emanaku and I were probably the only people here who didn’t feel them, but Eloy and our neighbors did. In Cuzco many people ran out into the streets for safety. Since the earthquakes were around 600 kilometers deep, there were no reports of damage.

Today, everything feels vastly altered as if a profound monolithic shift has taken place. All is in deep stillness. Breathing is difficult. The changes feel so positive. Delicate and New….. ♥

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