A Super Busy and Ultra Challenging Week at The Heart of AN!

This past week stretched us to our limits. It was impossibly full, plus from Friday – Tuesday, we were traveling through a massive Band of Distortion which affected many of us all over the world. Fortunately, it has finally dissipated.

Last Wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed a visit with Claudia and Romina from Lima and Argentina, a journalist and photographer who are in the midst of a project filming and interviewing breastfeeding mothers throughout Peru. Although it was only supposed to be a short visit, they ended up staying into the evening to have readings with the Cards of AN.

Last Thursday, we went to the Cuzco Post Office to send out Cards of AN and only after we had paid for the shipping and handed over the packages, were we told that the Peruvian Post Office had just begun a nationwide strike of indefinite duration. We did find out that last year’s strike lasted for one month. But as we well know, “The Cards of AN always arrive at their perfect moment.”

On Friday morning we went to a hotel in Urubamba where I gave a talk to the very enthusiastic Festival of Light group of around 25 people. Then we came home to thoroughly clean our house and AN•Wasi in preparation for more visitors. We also finally assembled our dining room table with its new glass base! The cleaning continued on Saturday.

Around Friday afternoon, the energies dramatically shifted at around the same time there were the attacks on Paris. It suddenly felt as if we’d been plunged into a huge Band of Distortion. Something felt terribly wrong on many levels….

On Sunday morning at 8:30, Irina’s group from Russia and the Ukraine arrived. After a tour of the land, we all went to the AN room on the third floor of our house and I gave Cards of AN readings to all six of them, which took many hours. It felt so good that they were here! Our first Russian visitors!!

On Monday morning, just before the Festival of Light Group of around 25 people arrived, Emanaku discovered that he had lost his wallet, probably when he made a quick trip to the small grocery store on the main road to buy tomatoes and milk. It was a significant loss since it not only contained Eloy’s pay for the past two weeks, but six very important cards such as our car ownership card, my US bank cards and the bank card for our Peruvian company. Some of these require a great deal of time and effort to replace.

At the moment, there wasn’t time to do anything since the group arrived immediately after this shocking discovery. After a tour of the Heart of AN, we went into our house where I gave a small talk and one reading of the Cards of AN. Later that afternoon, we visited their hotel and did some more card readings. We gave a total of fourteen readings of the Cards of AN in five days! Quite a marathon!

Although we were hoping to have a bit of a rest yesterday, instead we had to go to Cuzco where we dealt with the missing cards as best we could. Fortunately, the Band of Distortion finally began to disappear by the afternoon. (I will write more about the Band of Distortion in today’s Surf Update.)

Today is bright and shining. The energies feel really good again. Today we will catch up on our work and have a bit of a rest. And there’s the feeling that something very fresh and new is becoming ever more visible.

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