A New Chapter Begins at the Heart of AN!

After many months of being in a somewhat dormant state or what felt like a prolonged holding pattern, fresh new energies started entering the Heart of AN. We planted new flowers in anticipation of our usual rainy season ~ which didn’t arrive as expected in October, following an extremely dry winter. German and his crew arrived to enclose the area behind Pedro’s house so we would have a new storage area. I made major progress on my new book. And Emanaku finally got a long yearned for, drone.

In the middle of October, our dear friend Alberto arrived for an eleven day visit with his sweet young daughter. They had spent most of this year quarantined in an apartment in Lima, so it was time for them to be replenished by the fresh air and the nourishing beauty of the countryside. Alberto’s daughter became instant friends with Pedro’s son, Alexander and they played happily every day. Children have not been allowed to play with other children since March and they both needed this interaction so much!

Alberto was given special tasks in several areas of the Heart of AN which brought in deep transformation ~ both for him personally and for the Heart of AN itself. They were our first visitors since January and it felt so good to have them here!

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