Life in Quarantine Part 2 ~ September ~ at the Heart of AN!

Around the beginning of September, the Peruvian Post Office finally reopened! (It had been closed since the middle of March.) This meant that we could finally send all the orders we’d received for the past six months. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. But like everything happening right now, there’s always a twist. Ours was that the Sacred Valley was unexpectedly returned to quarantine at the beginning of the month, after being finally free of quarantine in August. Fortunately, this new quarantine hasn’t been as strict as the one we’ve had since March. Quarantines, as many of you know well, add layers of inconvenience to everything. It brings many aspects of our lives to a complete halt and sadly, it is bankrupting so many businesses. The worst is that it prevents many people from working. Seven months is a very long time to go without income.

In September, we have been putting some focus on doing some Ho’o Pono Pono (Making Things Right) such as needed maintenance, as well as implementing some positive changes. New lighting has been installed in places where it has long been needed, such as the stairs; our water cistern was thoroughly cleaned. Cachorro had a needed vet appointment. We’ve planted new seedlings in the garden and new flowers along our driveway. And we have almost finished adding all the wondrous new products which we acquired during the last year to the AN•Mercado ~ our online store at

I have a strong feeling that we need to create tiny islands throughout the Heart of AN where the energy moves to a completely new level. So far, we are starting small ~ adding new improvements outside and inside which actually greatly transform the energy. Each time we do this, it lightens and brightens our energy and brings in new waves of inspiration and freshness.

For the past few months, I’ve been super motivated to work on my new book of stories of my life. It feels important to get it done, and there’s still a long way to go, even though it’s probably around 900 pages at this point. (It will be more than one volume, for sure!) I’ve temporarily postponed many of my other activities, such as giving readings with the Cards of AN, so I can give my book my full attention. The energy to write is strong; the words are flowing out effortlessly and I’m really enjoying this!

Great News! As of October 1, the quarantine in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley has been lifted. International and domestic flights are scheduled to slowly resume in October. By next week, we should be able to see what businesses have survived. And hopefully, we can now move onto a completely new phase of life.

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