Life in Quarantine Part 1 ~ July – August ~ at the Heart of AN!

Our lives here have been proceeding at a very different pace than before. Everything has slowed down immensely as we move our beings onto a completely new Timeline.

July was our fifth consecutive month of quarantine, yet everything finally started loosening up a bit. The quarantine is not as ultra strict as it was before. We can drive our cars! We can go to Cuzco on important errands, but it’s a very different Cuzco as before. Most businesses there remain closed and many have permanently gone out of business. The world around us has been irrevocably altered and will never be the same as it was before.

Here at the Heart of AN, it has been very quiet, which perfectly matches our inner sense of stillness. We rarely go out and everything has slowed down immeasurably. This has been the driest winter we have experienced here. The last rain was on June 6 so the ground, the plants, the grass is all very dry. There have been wildfires in the mountains, but fortunately none near us.

In July, we faced several challenges. The glass in the door of our wood stove unexpectedly fell out, leaving us with no heat for a month (during winter). Our car alarm suddenly started going off day and night and no one could fix it. All of these minor inconveniences just made us laugh for they were so trivial compared to everything else. We knew that these problems would eventually be solved ~ and they were!

In August, the government miraculously removed the quarantine in the Sacred Valley, but kept it going in Cuzco. This was very exciting for all of us.

During these months, one of our main priorities was to do all we could to help those without food or resources. These are the ones who live in small, isolated Andean communities who haven’t received any aid. We have been supporting the tiny, grassroots, heart centered group INKA SISTERS AND BROTHERS UNITED by giving money and raising donations. They are going to the places and people who already had close to nothing ~ before Peru’s entire tourist-based economy was null zoned in March. These are those whom I call the Forgotten Ones and each time that they are given several weeks of food, wrapped in new warm blankets and toys are given to the children, it makes my heart overflow with gratitude.

This small group has already helped friends of ours who contacted us for help when they ran out of food and lost their jobs such as our Q’ero friend Agosto and his small village, as well as the community at Laguna Qoricocha where we made three of our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies last year.

If you would also like to help the indigenous people of Peru, no amount is too small. The need is very real and immense.

$25 will supply a hungry family with food and supplies for three weeks.
$50 will supply a hungry family with food and supplies for six weeks.
$100 will feed four families for three weeks.

Here are the contacts for INKA SISTERS AND BROTHERS UNITED:
Facebook page:
Gofundme Link:

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