Help arrives for Agosto and his community!

On September 1st, Danny and Anthony of INKA SISTERS AND BROTHERS UNITED made a trip of love to the three small communities of Ccatca, Acco and Huchuwasi near Apu Ausengate. Here they met with our old friend Agosto and distributed food, soft warm blankets and toys for the children to 40 families.

What I really love about the trips that Danny makes, is that he goes to THE FORGOTTEN ONES ~ Those Who Have Been Forgotten in the small, remote communities who almost never receive any help. These are the ones who have very little and who don’t expect anything. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, Danny shows up like a long lost Inka with big bags of food, warm blankets, small toys for the children, a few soccer balls and large bags of animal cookies! Imagine the great surprise and the deep joy this brings them knowing that someone cares. They have not been forgotten!

This trip was initiated last week by our old friend Agosto who had called me and said that they had run out of food. Normally, Agosto has no problem supporting his family since they make many beautiful artisan products which they sell at major Inca Festivals, as well as to stores and people like us. But everything has been shut down in Peru since mid March. The borders are closed. The hotels, shops and restaurants are closed. The tourists are long gone. Everyone is told to stay home, so unless you have a space to grow food, there is no way to make money to live. The Peruvians are very hard working, but there has been no work for them to do. Even if they have a small field, it has been extremely difficult for them to transport their produce to the markets ~ many of which have been closed.

Now that we have endured six months of quarantine, people have run out of things to sell or any meager savings and the need for support is even greater than before.

Agosto called me immediately after Danny left, thanking me profusely. We were both on the edge of tears. I told him that we need to return to the Inka precept of AYNI or reciprocity. All of us, as residents of Planet Earth, need to take responsibility to the well being of all. This includes people, animals, mountains, rocks, water, plants and so much more. It is our ONE TRUE BEING.

And for all of you who have visited Peru, who have been transformed by Peru, who have been touched by its people or who have wanted to come to Peru, we simply cannot allow the true hearted people here to go hungry! This is not an acceptable reality! And since food prices are very cheap in Peru, we can supply a few weeks of food for an entire family for around $20!

There are many levels of AYNI. There is our global family helping the forgotten Peruvian campesino and there is the important aspect of the people supporting the ones in their communities who cannot support themselves ~ the old ones, the disabled, the single mothers. Everyone in the community needs to be responsible for them ~ just like the Inkas used to do.

The goal of INKA SISTERS AND BROTHERS UNITED is to become obsolete as soon as people can support themselves again. But until then, we really don’t want people to become sick from lack of food or blankets.

Emanaku and I have given this project our full support. It is run by good people with true hearts. Everything is being done with absolute love and respect. Danny Quispe, who is our Angel on the ground, is a Quechua speaking Peruvian tour guide with a huge and magnificent heart. He is dedicated, humble and magnificent.

There is a list of places who need support and Danny is eager to help as many people as possible. We just have to supply the funding to keep the momentum going while it is so needed. ANY AND ALL SUPPORT IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED! This is truly a time for ONE BEING IN ACTION! Thank you so much!



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