The Fires of Purification near the Heart of AN

The final week of October was action packed! On October 28, a sudden fire broke out at the bottom of our valley. This was caused by some of our neighbors burning garbage (on garbage pick up day!). Since we are just finishing an extremely dry, dry season, the fire quickly went out of control.

The fire was extremely strong and fast and quickly moved up our valley. At times, it sounded like a freight train and there were lots of loud explosions of rocks. Within two hours, it had burned the entire hill behind Casita Huaran, across the street from us, but fortunately it spared the buildings. (Fires here tend to go out when they reach the valley floor.)

Unlike the fire we had on our side of the valley a few years ago, this time neighbors, firefighters and even the Peruvian army, came to work together to put out the fire. In the afternoon, Emanaku and Pedro went up the road to be part of a bucket brigade to save a friend’s house. For the next few days, the fire spread out on the mountain tops and to the neighboring community of Arin. Luckily there were no major damages and a few of the remote mountain communities that had been threatened by the fires were saved.

Two days after the fire started, Alberto and his sweet daughter had to return to Lima. We had all greatly enjoyed having them here. It was a good taste of what the Heart of AN would feel like if it ever becomes the small community that we have long envisioned.

A few hours later, Danny Quispe of Cuzco paid us a visit. He is the one who has been delivering food and blankets to remote communities with Inka Sisters and Brothers United. Although Emanaku had met with Danny several times, it was my first time to meet him. He is a True One with a huge heart like a million suns and immediately felt like True Family. It feels like our Family of AN is coming together now. First Alberto, then Danny! And a few days later, our dear friend Maru from Lima whom we hadn’t seen in a few years, came for a brilliant visit! More True Family of AN!

Already, November is full of surprises. Last Monday, the Peruvian President was unexpectedly ousted by the Congress. Since then, there have been daily peaceful protests throughout Peru. And tomorrow, our friend Craig arrives for a short visit / heroic journey from the US!

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