AN becomes increasingly visible….

A wild week at the Heart of AN in which the Invisible truly became visible. We strongly saw and felt more of the full vision of the Heart of AN and it is magnificent. We all felt deeply transformed by this. ♥

At the same time, we could feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde. We waited a week for a much needed truckload of adobes to be delivered. By the time they arrived, some of our workers had simply disappeared or had gone to work in the fields. Work stopped on the adobe wall and the front gate, since there was no one to do this. Progress on the house continued, but more slowly than before. ♥ This will soon change and everything will leap forward again.

Alanah from US, Anelja from Ajerbaijan and Sweden, Carlos from Bolivia and now Peru, Johannes from Sweden and Maria from New Zealand

create a small rock circle at The Heart of AN.


We have a young new worker who is cleaning all the wooden palos.


We absolutely cannot wait until our stairs are built.

They should be ready in a few weeks.

Here is the ladder from the second floor to the first floor.10414442_808574832495157_5722844241085114586_n

And here is the ladder from the tower room to the second floor and beyond.

One of the major challenges of visiting our house is to safely make it up….

and down…. those ladders.


Resting on our tiny office balcony.


The gorgeous view from the tiny office balcony!


The living room with its new cement floor.

After the yeso dries in one month, the walls will be painted whilte

and the pastillero clay tiles will be put on the floor.


A few days ago we sat as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN in the tower.

The energies of the Tower of Light of AN are already super strong

and feel very activated without us having to do anything.


Across the road from The Heart of AN is a beautiful little river.


Last week, we had two absolutely amazing and wondrous experiences on the land

when the energies of The Heart of AN opened up and really made themselves visible.

It was beyond words….

This unretouched photo describes it well.


We felt infused with the energy of AN. It put us in a state of awe!

We saw and felt the expanded vision of The Heart of AN.

Wow. Wow. Wow!

It was super alive and deeply real.


We could see and feel the true Heart of AN. We felt truly blessed.


While this was happening, everything was irradiated with strong magenta light.

Magenta is the color of the Sacred Union of the Sun and Moon and the color of AN.


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