Visitors and Birthdays!

Every day brings new surprises and great transformation at the Heart of AN. We are in super action-mode and much is getting accomplished. ♥ New visitors have arrived from three different countries (Anelja, Johannes, Maria and Alanah) and are busy cleaning up the land and picking up garbage. ♥ It’s very exciting to see everything coming together. And we had a week with two birthdays – mine and Anelja’s!


Getting ready to make the cement pillars that will hold the front gate.

The pillars will be covered with the white river rocks seen in a pile on the left.


Inside the front entry of the house are new sacks of yeso plaster.

Although, we have several carpenters making the windows, stairs, closets and cupboards,

we are still looking for the right carpenter to make the doors.


Flattened tortora reeds and bamboo are nailed to the ceilings

so the yeso will have something to hold onto.


Here’s the high tech Peruvian tortora reed and bamboo smashing tool.

(Not yet available at Home Depot.)

To use it, simply place the tortora reeds on the ground and bash with the wooden tool.

Effective and fun!


Another dramatic view looking up our stairwell from the first floor to the tower.

Notice the handmade ladder that is currently being used to go upstairs.

The Good News is that  our stairs should be ready in one month!


The very beautiful glass block window in our bathroom.


Here are the glass blocks between the tower room and my office.

The stairs will go where the platform is.


Anelja and I rest in front of the bay window in the AN room last Sunday.


On Monday, this same area is yesoed by the serene Master of Plaster, Aurelio!


By Wednesday, the plastering is complete

and the tower room is getting energetically ready to be a Tower of Light of AN.


Here’s a view along the new adobe wall which is nearing completion,

but still needs a few more adobes and its tile roof.


Anelja, Johannes and I walk along the new wall

while orbs and fairy lights start appearing on the land.


More fairy lights!!


Our favorite view at the Heart of AN which always inspires us!





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