Rapidly Moving Forward!

Moving Forward in myriad directions at the Heart of AN! ♥

The interior of the house looks more beautiful every day, while outside on the land, it looks a bit rough as a long ditch is being made for the underground electricity cables and water pipes. Hopefully, we will be able to close the ditch by the end of the week. ♥ It is super exciting to see so much happening.


Our kitchen / dining room is starting to become more visible.

The stove will go in between the two long, thin nichos,

where we will put cooking herbs and oils.


The small, serene balcony outside our bedroom is already one of my favorite places.


No, it’s not a UFO! …. It’s our new bathtub!!!


In the next few days, this area between my office and the tower

will be filled with glass blocks.

A great view will be exchanged for privacy.


Here are the glass blocks, ready to be installed.


A small section of turquoise / aqua colored glass blocks will be put into my office.

I love this color; it feels so fresh and healing.


Window frames have just been installed in the tower room,

as well as throughout the first floor.


The view in front of our house shows the results of much activity.

Piles of building materials are next to our long ditch for the underground electrical cables and water pipes. Driving to the house is totally impossible.at the moment.


Huge rocks have to be hand levered out of the ditch.

We also discovered that we have a new worker whom no one has hired.

He shows up, does some work, but is mainly there for the chicha during the breaks.


Today, a 210 meter long electricity cable was delivered to the land.

It’s shocking how expensive these are,

but at least, we can always make a table out of the wooden spool later.

Here it is, next to our electrician Alfredo’s motorbike.


Meanwhile, the last segment of adobe wall is nearing completion and work has begun on the cement / white river rock columns that will go on either side of the front gate.


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