Super ‘A Mu’a at The Heart of AN!

Super busy week at the Heart of AN with lots getting done. The first floor of our house is being plastered, while the last cement floors are being laid on the second floor. Outside, a caterpillar has dug a long ditch across the property where we will put the underground electricity cables and water tubes. It looks terrible at the moment, but needs to be done. And in a week or so, we will finally have water and electricity!! ♥ Also, the stone foundation for our final segment of adobe wall is nearly complete and the adobe wall is rapidly rising.

Our partially plastered living room is becoming full of light!


Here is a part of the living room that is being plastered.

And there’s the radio!

Emanaku just discovered that they have TWO radios,

and put them on opposite sides of the room, set to the same station to have a stereo effect!


The upstairs hallway is prepared for the layer of cement.

Later, it will be covered with natural bamboo.


A temporary platform is built in the Lotus Room so the ceiling can be plastered.


This is how beautiful and clean it looks when the plastering is done.

(Except for the palos, which now all need to be cleaned.)


An amazing view from the second floor up into the ceiling of the tower room.

This is where the stairs will go.


Construction is super messy.


The caterpillar digs the ditch for the water and electricity lines

so they can be underground.


Not a pretty sight, but the nature will come back with our love and help

and be even more beautiful than before.


Another segment of the new ditch.


Here’s the final part of the stone foundation of our wall.

The place where it meets the metal fence. What beautiful stonework!


Adobes are rapidly being placed on the stone foundation.


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