The Transforming Power of Yeso!

Every day brings major progress to the Heart of AN, especially when yeso plaster is involved. Yeso brings instant refinement and beauty to the rough adobe.


The enclosed balcony of Emanaku’s office is taking form.


Platforms are built in each room so the ceilings can be plastered.


The living room is the first downstairs room that is beginning to be plastered.

The nicho on the right will have shelves for books.

And there’s the very popular radio hanging up on the left!


This is the area on the second floor where the stairs will go up to the tower room.


Just a few days later, the same area has been transformed with the magic of yeso and skilled plastering! Above, is the opening to my office which will be filled with glass blocks.


Our exquisite Tower of Light of AN room is coming alive!

This is the only room in which we plastered all the ceiling beams.

The room appears much bigger here than it really is because of the camera lens.


The AN room will be like a Jewel in the Crown.

The stairs will enter the room on the left.


Closeup of one of the windows.


Other windows in the AN Tower perfectly frame Apu Sawasiray.


Elsewhere on the land,

the adobe wall is being built on top of the beautiful stone foundation,

giving us much needed privacy.


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