Our house is finally starting to come together!

There is much progress at the Heart of AN! ♥

The plastering of the tower room and 2nd floor are nearly done. Now, they are working on the floors. ♥ The foundation for the final segment of our adobe wall is nearly complete. It is being beautifully built and looks like an Inka wall. After that, it won’t take long to build the adobe part of it. ♥ The missing back part of our house with the bay windows is finally being built. ♥ Window and door frames are being built and are already in position on the 2nd floor.

♥ ♥ And we welcome Ludo from France who is filling in for Chalo while he is away.

The plank floors of Emanaku’s office have been scrubbed clean in preparation for the cement.


Next, a gridwork of metal tubes and wire mesh is placed upon the floor in our bedroom.

That is Ludo on the left!!!


Here’s a closeup of the labyrinth on our floors.

Bits of broken tiles are being used to hold up the metal grid.


Now, cement is hand poured on top of the mesh.

Eventually, natural bamboo boards or clay pastillero tiles will be placed upon the cement.


Some parts of the upstairs, and all of the downstairs, are still in a very rough state. Watching the construction process reminds me very strongly

of what we are all experiencing right now.

Parts of us are emerging as bright new beings,

while other parts are definitely in the stripped to the core, construction phase.

And Photo Bonus!!! There’s the transistor radio!


This is the same area as in the previous photo, just from a slightly different angle.

See what a difference a few days make!


Plastering one of the hard to get to places, just like we are doing within ourselves during this time. Everything has to be recalibrated to the New and True.


The workers have tacked temporary shelves onto the art studio walls

so they have a place to hang up their belongings. It looks super cute!


A temporary shed with its now shredded blue plastic roof holds a new pile of tortora reeds from Lake Titicaca. Eventually, we’d like to have a vegetable / herb garden in this spot.


Here’s a panel an interior door for our house!

Since Emanaku and I had to design all the doors, there will be some rather unique designs

using small pieces of mirror, mosaics and iridescent glass pellets that we already had.

(This is a rather simple door panel with a punched tin design.)


Here’s the new foundation of the final segment of our wall.

Next, adobe will be placed on top of the stones.

The reason that it is so tall is that our land is on an andene or terrace,

so it begins at the top of the stone wall.


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