Inti Raymi and Mercury Retrograde – Slowing down

It’s Inti Raymi, the main Inca celebration! This means that most of our workers went to Cuzco to participate, leaving only four of them here. In spite of our suddenly diminished work crew, there were still many exciting new developments this week at The Heart of AN. ♥

And next week, we might finally get electricity to the house!!!


Some of the wood frames for our enclosed balconies have arrived!


Here’s a view from my office balcony to our bedroom balcony.


The back of the house is almost completely plastered, but the front still needs its yeso.

I really love the exquisite simplicity and organic feeling of adobe, palos and yeso.

Here is the newly yesoed kitchen door. Of course, it still needs stairs to get to the ground.


The entry hall is the last room to receive yeso in the house.

It should be done by tonight!

Here is Aurelio, the Master of Plaster (now in Cuzco until tomorrow)

and Victor, our Maestro de Obras. (With radio, of course!)


Progress in our bathroom!

Here’s the unfinished shower and the new brick wall which will surround our bathtub. There will be a curved glass block wall between them

and the bricks will be covered with simple mosaic tiles.


Meeting with our two stair carpenters, we drew a stair plan on the floor.

They said that the stairs should be ready in one week!!!!


We also tried out a Balinese window shutter in the AN room,

but although it was beautiful, decided that the AN tower room needed to stay simple.


We also tried it in the bedroom.


And over the bathtub….

We have two of these Balinese shutters, which I’ve had for years,

saving for my True Home. A final decision has yet to be made.


Emanáku spent a few hours carefully drawing lines in the nichos

where the shelves will be installed.


The front gate is proceeding slowly, but steadily.

Our first work crew suddenly disappeared,

but the new one has already raised the adobe wall to support the new cement pillar,

which will then be covered with white river rocks.

Then, finally, we can have our front gate built.


And just to remember what all this activity is REALLY about,

here’s a new, unretouched photo showing the magenta light of AN still streaming in.

It is beyond magnificent. I am beyond grateful to be here.

This is the air I can fully breathe….


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1 thought on “Inti Raymi and Mercury Retrograde – Slowing down”

  1. Brenda Griechen says:

    “This is the air I can fully breathe…”

    You are home in the eternally sustained living light Beloved because you, in unwavering devotion, have made it a reality.

    Bless You Solara for guiding us home.

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