Water and Electricity!

A few days ago, everything started moving forward again at The Heart of AN. There was noticeable progress in many areas. We finally got water to our land and electricity to the house!

The top of the front gate is being built.


 The very, very exciting new water line to our land!!!

The water comes straight from the glaciers.


Workers bringing wheelbarrows full of material to fill the ditches of our water pipes.


A few weeks ago when the cement floor was poured  in the entry hall,

I balanced precariously on some boards suspended above the wet cement

and drew the symbol for the Tower of Light of AN.


Next, right inside the front door, I drew the Sun – Moon symbol of AN.


Here’s the AN symbol. Not perfect, but the best I could do suspended above wet concrete

while drawing with a broken piece of tortora reed. But I drew  it with my whole heart.


Here’s our new electrical box with an extension cord already plugged in.


The newly yesoed entry hall photographed with a wide angle lens.

The true size of the much smaller front door is in the photo of me and the cement.


View from the entry hall into the Art Studio. Everything looks so light and bright!


Our bathtub with its sculptured cement enclosure.

There will be one more small step, then we will cover everything with tile.

Next will be a glass block wall between the tub and shower.


Here are those beautiful, aqua glass blocks in my office.

I love the way they glow in the light.


The energies are super amazing at The Heart of AN.

We can’t wait to actually live here.


Our beloved Apu Sawasiray beckons….


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