Multi-leveled Progress!

Much is in progress at The Heart of AN. ♥ Tiles were put on the entrance gate and most of the remaining door frames arrived. We bought a cistern and water pumps. The first pastillero tiles are being installed in the entrada of our house. Once this is done, we can FINALLY get our stairs.

The tiles are in position at the entrance to our land.

Now we are waiting for the gate to be made and installed.

Then the white river rocks will be put on the concrete pillars.


The new portion of adobe wall has also been tiled and looks beautiful.


Here’s the small doorway to the acequia canal on the far side of our land.

The door still needs to be made and the cement pillars will be covered

with white river rocks.


Victor and Chalo are measuring the walls of the second floor.

This is the place where the stairs will be one of these days…. (huge sigh).


Here’s one of our new window frames which is being filled in and yesoed this week.


Our new cistern temporarily rests inside the entrada nicho.


Behind the house, a large hole is being dug for the cistern.


Here’s our new water pump and its enclosure in the living room of the house

we are renting, which is full of building supplies and packed boxes.


The famous radio perches precariously on a very high beam.


The well traveled radio enjoys the spectacular views.


Emanáku and I visited the land in the stillness of a late afternoon

and contemplated what it will be like to finally live here.


Pastilero clay tiles are spread out in the entrance to see how they will look.


Next Herman and I talked about where we would put some iridescent blue glass mosaics.


Here is a demonstration of what we are going to do.


Yesterday, the first pastileros were cemented into position.

Cut pieces of rubber hose are used as temporary spacers between the tiles.

It will take a week for them to dry, then we will fill the spaces between the tiles with grout and add the blue glass mosaics.


The stillness of the Heart of AN in the early evening.


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  1. Brenda Griechen says:

    How joyous to contemplate what it will be like to live in such a creation of, and monument to, Love.

    Similarly I joyously contemplate arriving one day in the future to walk barefooted upon your floor within the sweet embrace of my ‘Lovers from beyond the stars’ Family.

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