Patience and Progress!

Building a house is a constant master class in patience. Everyone promises to have a job done in one week, then a month or more later, we are still waiting. At the same time, other projects are miraculously brought to completion….

For the past year, Emanaku and I have dealt with a constant mountain of minute, practical details on a daily basis, all of which need to be urgently accomplished. Just getting through this, while maintaining our equilibrium, is a task in itself. ♥ ♥

Now that the exquisite beauty of what is being born at The Heart of AN is becoming increasingly visible, a new surge of creativity is being felt through our layers of tiredness.

The back of the house is almost done. (With a big emphasis on the ALMOST.)


Here’s the bay window in the Lotus Room being prepared for yeso.


Tortora reeds help close the gaps between the windows and the roof.


The very happy Andres, our new Maestro of Shelves!


Here’s the nicho in the living room that will hold our DVDs,

including our beloved Bollywood collection!


This may not look too exciting, but it’s very exciting to us.

Our very first spotlight is temporarily installed and it works!!!


The showers were cemented this week. Can’t wait to see them with the tiles.


This is the small acequia canal that curves around two sides of our house.

We love the sound of gently running water.

One of these months, we hope to build a beautiful, little bridge

so we don’t have to jump over the stream

or walk over a creaky board to get to the house.


The clay pastilero floor tiles are soaked in the canal before installing.


It was a super breakthrough week for the downstairs floors!


The cistern has now been moved to the living room / kitchen area

until the huge hole for it behind the house is lined with cement.


When the pastileros are grouted with cement,

we are going to add some surprises.


Still no stairs…. We’ve been waiting for over a month.

But they are supposed to be installed starting tomorrow!!!


I tried putting some silver ceiling glitter in the cement between the pastileros,

but need to find another technique that works better.


The first pastileros were being put into the Art Studio this morning.

We will soon add some small, magenta glittery glass tiles in each corner of the pastileros

to give the floor a bit of creative sparkle.


Several truckloads of adobes have arrived for our guardian casita

and the rocks are ready for the foundation.

Now we have to finalize the design and raise enough money to build it.

(And we are still waiting for the front gate to be finished and installed.)


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