Super Fast Track!

Huge progress is being made in many areas this week. We are now at a point where we can increasingly insert our unique creativity, which means that there are hundreds of decisions to be made each day and we need to be physically at the house more and more. ♥ ♥ And we still have to find the time to complete the plans for the guardian casita….

We are ultra aware that we are not just building ourselves a personal house, but are anchoring the energies of the Heart of AN into the physical. This means that every step we take is done with this as our primary focus.

And it feels like throughout this process, a new AN architecture is emerging. It contains components of many known styles from around the world, and yet it’s completely different from what we’ve known before. It’s wildly creative, very Off the Map, extremely hard work and super fun! This entire process is profoundly transforming us by taking us ever deeper into the AN energies. ♥


One of my favorite views seen in the late afternoon from the living room to the art studio.


The outside of our guest room (with a peek at our new stairs.)


Emanáku visited the land at night and saw how the light in my office

beautifully illuminated the glass blocks.


This was a super busy week for our floors.

Clay pastilero tiles were laid in several rooms.

This is the living room floor where bright green, iridescent glass tiles

were placed in the corners of each pastilero.


We’re using some simple, iridescent glass pellets from Mexico,

which I’ve carried around with me for over twenty years,

to put around the living room pillars.


Here they are, in their True Position!


We also placed glass tiles at the thresholds of several doors.


These glass mosaics will go in the T shaped doorway between the entrada and the art studio.


Great News!!! Our stairs finally arrived!

Actually, they brought the wood and constructed them outside the house.

Here is our outdoor stair factory.


The first floor stairs are taking shape.


The beginning construction of the second floor stairs going up to the AN room.


The stairs arrive at the AN tower room.

A cement platform still needs to be made on the right to support the top of the stairs.

At this moment, the stairs are covered with corregated cardboard

for protection from all our construction.

Next week, the magical stairmakers will return to add railings

and make the final refinements.


More progress! This week, the bathroom showers are getting tiled.


Palos are being sanded so they will be lighter.

When this is finished, all the wood beams in the house

will be painted with a clear, matte lacquer.


Here’s a work in progress of one of our exterior doors.

Glass pellets in blue and turquoise will be put into all the holes

and small cut pieces of mirrors will go around the outside of the circular window.


Here I am at our “bridge”.


The same day that the stairs arrived, so did our long awaited front gate!

But the gate excitement didn’t last long when we discovered that the people door

had been built on the wrong side of the gate.

Hopefully, this will be corrected soon.

The window in the people door has a magenta symbol of the One Heart

so that everyone will enter in love.


The beautiful inside of the entry gate.


These very cool young guys have spent the past week digging a super deep hole,

then lining it with rocks and cement for our water cistern.


Here’s their masterpiece as of today.

It looks like an ancient archeological site.


The view of Apu Sawasiray is ever inspiring.

I love it when the top peaks appear to disappear into the Invisible.


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