Creative Surge!

It was a super busy week at The Heart of AN with much progress and a huge creative surge that’s being felt by everyone there. All the downstairs floors have been completed and they are now putting pastileros in the upstairs bathrooms. Three different carpenters are creating our doors, as well as cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms, and shelves for the pantry and art studio. A small pump house has been built. The showers are being tiled. The acequia canal around our house is being cleaned and deepened. The front gate has been installed! The palos are being sanded and lacquered. ♥

All of this swirling activity requires our physical presence at the land much more than before. I’m placing the colored glass tiles in the floors myself with an immense amount of love. We are personally designing all the doors and will have photos of a completed door next week. They are looking very beautiful and super original. Emanaku has finally finished designing and making the drawings for the guardian casita and construction on it will start in a week or two. Our rental house is still full of building materials, making it very crowded, but it’s always exciting when we take them to the land and they are finally put into their new positions. ♥

We can’t wait to finally be in our True Position and fully living in the AN energies. It has been quite the journey birthing The Heart of AN, but definitely worthwhile. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and thank you for your continuing support.



Here’s Christian, Maru and little Cristóbal during last Saturday’s visit.

They were astounded at the numerous changes since their previous visit in February.


Here are the magenta glass tiles in the T shaped doorway

between the entrada and the art studio!

The floors will look so beautiful when they are finally cleaned and waxed.


Closeup of the art studio floor with the small, glittery magenta glass tiles.


I’m putting more magenta tiles in the threshold of the exterior art studio door.


Here they are in the still wet cement!


Here are the iridescent multi-hued blue tiles in the entrada of our house.


They also outline the nicho in the entrada.

We don’t yet know what we will put in the nicho,

but it will be something beautiful.


Closeup of the blue iridescent tiles in the entrada.

I bought these beautiful tiles on Kauai many years ago

and never knew what I was going to use them for.

Now, I’m glad that I saved them for The Heart of AN.


Maru and I have a great conversation on our tiny office balcony.

It’s always so good to see her!


It’s serious work sanding the palos and requires special headgear.

But the beams look so beautiful when they are lightened up.


The always astounding view from the AN tower room.


The very sweet Christian and Cristóbal from Lima.


Maru and Cristóbal look very at home here.


Our entry gate was finally installed!

We had to make it super tall so trucks with building materials will be able to enter.


Here’s the entry gate from outside.

The cement pillars still need to be covered with white river rocks.

When we have some free time, we will have a metal Sun Moon of AN,

similar to the one on top of our house, made to hang over the gate.


The “people” door in our front gate.

The metal design over the window opening is the One Heart,

but the paint needs to be touched up.

Underneath it is a slot for our electricity bills,

which are hand delivered since there’s no mail delivery here.


Our first Heart of AN keys!!! The keys to the front gate!!!

Many thanks to Alanah and Maria for our new Sun Moon keychains from Chinchero.

And notice the T shapes, just like our doorway to the art studio in this shawl from Peru.


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2 thoughts on “Creative Surge!”

  1. Solara says:

    Thank you, Craig.

    Your thoughful comments have touched us deeply. Thank you for seeing and appreciating what we are doing at The Heart of AN.

    With Huge Love,


  2. Craig Alexander Correa says:

    Hello Solara, Emanaku, & all the rest of you wunderkinds contributing to building this amazing new place,

    Thank you so much for sharing this journey with photographs! I was really hoping that you would do this, and I was so thrilled to visit the AN site a month or so back and see that you have! I haven’t been on Facebook for a while now, so I hope that people there are sharing and discussing the ever more wonderful place that you all are bringing into existence. I can’t convey in words how joyful I feel looking at these pictures! I especially love how the Tower Room is taking shape. And I completely agree – that room does not need intricate decoration, and would not “work” as well with it. It is better with the windows framed as you have them.

    Once again, I cannot convey in words how wondrous it is to see this place come into being… 

    Much Love,

    Craig (soon to be known as… )

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